Beliefs and values: Similar or different?

Religious belief refers to a faith concerning the divinity. It may concern the existence of a divine involvement in the universe and human life. It may also relate to the values and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader. A personal and cultural value is a relative ethic value. Values are considered subjective and vary across people and cultures. Types of values include moral values, ideological (political, religious) values, social values, and aesthetic values.

The Saudi Arabia values are principally generosity, selflessness, hospitality, respect for relatives, willingness, chastity and sexual modesty. So is possible say that these values are in direct relation with the Saudi Arabian beliefs, because the values that the Saudi Arabian people have are result of apply their beliefs, the Islamic Laws. For example, in Saudi Arabia, according to their beliefs, for the women is prohibited socialize with male native people that don´t have a parental relation, so they have the value of chastity, sexual modesty and particular deference for their relatives.

Other argument that shows the relation between the values and the beliefs is that the concept religious belief is related to the practice of religion teachings, in this case Islam, and this practice is for the saudi arabians their values.

On the other hand, is not apropriate think that values and beliefs are the same thing, because in essence the beliefs concern to the faith and values are the practice of these beliefs in the Saudi Arabian culture. So these concepts, dispite of seem similar, really are different. But for this country values and beliefs have a direct relation.

To sum up, beliefs and values are different things in this culture, but have a big relation because the Saudi Arabian consider that the values are the practice of their religious beliefs.

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